Who we are

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When considering our new company website and how best we share our unique culture, strengths, who we are, what we offer; we believe all is best captured with three simple words; Intention, Commitment, Deliver – hence our Infinity welcome introduction.

Infinity Constructions Qld is very much a Team-based Organisation. Our Company was established by experienced, likeminded, talented individuals, who have worked together for 25 years, playing varied key roles on many major landmark commercial Projects.

Together with our clients, we have consistently been part of setting new Formwork benchmarks, “lifting the bar” and delivering successful project structural outcomes.

Infinity will never aspire nor ever Intend to be the biggest Formwork company. Our intention and commitment is to focus on suitable Projects where along with Developer or Builder we can collectively deliver successful results.

Successful Project outcomes never occur by good fortune, nor by chance. We continually observe, recognise and believe all good Development outcomes start with the structure and the positive performance of the Formworker company.

We believe our key difference and value add at Infinity is in the following areas:

  • Clearly listen and appreciate client’s vision, scope, essential outcomes, budget and time delivery.
  • Together with client and Structural Engineer assist with design and alternate structure system options offering Project benefits and value.
  • The depth of our Infinity Team includes in-house Engineering and experienced Builder / Developer.
  • Attention and understanding of detail. Investment of time and resources carefully understanding detail and specific Project Structure detail, Clients needs and offering alternates.
  • On all our Projects once we have fully understood and analysed the Project thoroughly including our Client’s requirements, we finalise methodology and the Formwork System to be used. Lock-in and set our key Project, “Intention, Commitment, Deliver”.
Hugh Owen
Infinity Managing Director